Video: Dark Souls - First Person Mode

Did you know that Dark Souls can be modded so that you're in a first-person view?

This definitely makes the game even harder, and possibly even disorienting, but imagine the cool factor that would exist if virtual reality support was added to the game.

After all, Dark Souls is a game that not only brings a variety of demanding gameplay and challenges, but also a beautiful scenery.

Who wouldn't want to gaze in the distance with VR goggles (such as the Oculus Rift) while in a place like Anor Londo?

Dark Souls 2 - Out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC (Soon)

Dark Souls IIAre you a fan of Dark Souls? Well, Dark Souls 2 just came out the other day and it's already flying off the shelves, having received amazing reviews (such as a 9/10 from Gamespot).

And it's well-deserved. You can tell how much time and thought was put into the game, and rightfully so, as the game warrants such.

It boasts its typical mysterious environments, larger-than-life monsters, and difficult combat, while also addressing some of the issues people had with the original.

The console versions are out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3). At a later date, the PC version will be released as well. If it's anything like the original Dark Souls for the PC, then expect community support to become available to help improve the frame rate (FPS) and/or graphics.

Virtual Reality Website - - Launched

VRMonkey.comInto Virtual Reality?

If you're a gamer, then you definitely should be.

Recently launched, will provide a whole variety of news pertaining to the awesomness of virtual reality / VR.

It will be an interesting to see how the technology will evolve this year after all the hype.

Be sure to check it out!

Video: PrioVR Gameplay

PrioVR is an extremely awesome "VR Suit" that lets you interact with games by using your body.

Unfortunately, their Kickstarter campaign did not go as planned and they never received their goal.

One huge reason for that is because they never had a video demonstrating the technology in actual gameplay.

That has now changed, however. Watch the below video!

If they relaunch after CES 2014, then I have a feeling that things will go much better this time around.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has come a long way since its debut on KickStarter -- where the promise of a dev kit helped fuel the device to not only reach the requested funding amount, but to completely surpass it.

But what is the Oculus Rift? To put it simply, the Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset with motion tracking -- so when you move your head to look around, it knows and allows Rift-enabled games to then react to it in a way that you would expect.

But why listen to me blabber on when you can just watch their overview video below!

Cool, right? I'd certainly have to say so!

Borderlands 2: New SHiFT Codes for 5 Golden Keys

Borderlands 2 IconWant 5 Golden Keys for Borderlands 2?

Use the following SHiFT codes!



Borderlands 2 - New Character Class: KRIEG the Psycho

The newest Vault Hunter to be released for Borderlands 2? KRIEG the Psycho (obtained via a purchasable DLC)!

His action skill has been given the name of Buzz Axe and he's geared towards throwing attacks and melee based combat.

Something neat about him is that every single time he kills someone, his health / hp is replenished.

Something even more unique? In Fight For Your Life (FFYL) mode, you throw sticks of dynamite / TNT at enemies! That sounds VERY cool and VERY powerful.

The release date is in May. So be patient! That's next month, guys!

It has been revealed that the three skill trees he has are as follows...
Bloodlust skill tree - Similar to Gaige the Mechromancer, you will accumulate stacks. The higher the stacks, the higher damage output / DPS you produce. I'm not a fan of this type of skill, personally.

Mania skill tree - Apparently, this tree lets you boost your melee attacks. From the sound of it, you do more damage when you are hurt (and your teammates can hurt you to boost your damage) so it may be worth doing this tree if you play coop with anyone or are in a big party where you can have assistance.

Hellborn skill tree - All I know is that this gives you a lot of elemental abilities (such as lighting enemies on fire, electrocuting them, causing corrosion, etc).

This character costs $10 to get on PC (Steam / Origin), Xbox, and PlayStation 3 (PS3).

BioShock Infinite Guide: How to Unlock 1999 Mode

What is 1999 mode in BioShock Infinite?

Dubbed as such because games back in that year were harder and less forgiving, 1999 mode is just that: an increased difficulty level for BioShock Infinite. The enemies are harder, you are weaker, death penalties are higher, respawn points are no where near as frequent, etc.

Basically, it forces you to be more strategic and to conserve ammo while also pushing you to be efficient (i.e. go for the headshots).

Unlock BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode

You can do it either using a Konami code OR by beating the game.

The code is different depending on how you are playing the game. If you are using a Windows PC (i.e. a Steam or Origin copy of the game), then it's different than say...a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (PS3) console version of BioShock Infinite. Below are the cheat codes to unlock it.

PC (with keyboardmouse): Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, (Cancel key), (Confirm key)
PS3: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X
Xbox: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

Additionally, there is a video below.

Video Guide: Unlock BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode Cheat Code

Hope it helps! And ... good luck to you, you brave, brave, person.

BioShock Infinite: How to Fix Crashes, Lags, and Errors

BioShock Infinite: Fix Errors

BioShock Infinite: Fix Errors

BioShock Infinite...This is, perhaps, one of the most interesting games in the BioShock series (which is a lot from me considering I'm not much of a fan). Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), and Windows PC, it is awesome on all systems. If you have a PC, then you can even get it through both Origin, as well as Steam. This particular BioShock takes place in a floating sky city full of racist people! Like -- oh my!

Enable 1999 Mode in BioShock Infinite

So BioShock Infinite has several levels of difficulty. The regular ones -- easy, normal, hard...And one called 1999 Mode.

What's 1999 mode? It has less respawn points, money is hard to come by, death has more penalties, enemies are harder, you are weaker, etc.

How do you enable BioShock Infinite's 1999 mode? There are two ways.

Borderlands 2: The Best Sniper Rifles in the Game

I stumbled across a great video today that compared the best Borderlands 2 Sniper Rifles to one another.

It showed them against the firing dummy, as well as in live action -- which was particularly nice, since the best weapon against the enemies at the firing range may not be the best in live combat.

The sniper rifle variants:

1) Moloko Sniper Rifle 2) Railer Sniper Rifle
3) White Death Sniper Rifle 4) Muckamucks Sniper Rifle
5) Calipeens Sniper Rifle 6) Elephant Gun Sniper Rifle
7) Skullmasher Sniper Rifle 8) Longbow Sniper Rifle
9) Sloth Sniper Rifle 10) Volcano Sniper Rifle
11) Invader Sniper Rifle 12) Trespasser Sniper Rifle
13) Buffalo Sniper Rifle 14) Cobra Sniper Rifle
15) Hawkeye Sniper Rifle 16) Pimpernel Sniper Rifle

Some of these used burst fire, some of them were elemental (i.e. fire, explosive, corrosive, electrocutive).

Kudos to him for this great video. By the way, he makes use of Zer0 / Zero the Assassin's skill tree for sniping, badass points, and does testing WITH and WITHOUT The Bee shield. This is WITH the patch that nerfs The Bee too. Sloth was pretty much his favorite it seemed, though he warns that it isn't meant for faster enemies and that a fire sloth against a fire resistant enemy does not necessary hold up well.

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