Best Borderlands 2 Class Builds

Borderlands 2 Cast

Borderlands 2 Cast

As of right now, there are currently 5 Borderlands character classes counting Gaige the Mechromancer, which is obtainable via DLC. Each class is strong and unique. Each also has a special class build. Check out our guides below for info!

Strongest Borderlands 2 Skill Builds

Our list is as follows:

Best Axton Build - The strongest commando solo build.

Best Gaige Build - This Anarchy skill tree build is possibly one of the highest DPS builds in the game for Mechromancer.

Best Maya Build - Maya the Siren is the best support class. This is the best elemental build for the best damage class. It is a good Phaselock build. She's the best duo / co-op class.

Best Salvador Build - The Gunzerker is the best tank class with high damage. Two guns at once allows you a lot of powerful combinations. Great with shotgun.

Best Zer0 Build - The Assassin is fantastic with melee and long distance.

Each of these builds is very strong for all classes. You will kill enemies AND bosses very fast, especially in co-op with someone using another well built character. You should also destroy your friends during PVP easily.

Good luck with Borderlands 2! Game of the year!

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