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Borderlands 2 - The Bee

The Bee

There are many, MANY different shields and types of shields in Borderlands 2. And because they are all generated with (mostly) random stats by the game engine, they can all be very different from each other. There are also rare, epic, legendary, and even seraph shields out there.

Here's some great information on all the different types of Borderlands 2 shields. Some have nice secret effects from red text. Some do not!

Moreover, the different manufacturers all have special traits.

Borderlands 2 Shield Types

Absorption: Possibility to absorb incoming bullets and add them to your backpack / inventory
Adaptive: Increased resistance to last element you were attacked with
Amplify: Allows you to attack enemies with amp blast when shield is fully charged
Booster: Shield has chance to drop shield booster packs when hit (refills your shield)

Elemental Nova: Sends out a elemental shockwave (fire, shock, corrosive) when shield breaks to damage enemies nearby
Elemental Spike: Hurts enemies for elemental damage when they touch you
Explosive Nova: Sends out a shockwave when shield breaks (hurts nearby enemies)
Explosive Spike: Hurts enemies that melee you or bump into you
Roid: Increases your melee damage
Standard: Nothing! It's a normal shield.
Turtle: High shield capacity, but at the cost of lowering your health

The Best Borderlands 2 Shield

Many people agree that The Bee is the best shield in Borderlands 2 as of right now.

It features the red text "Float like a butterfly..." -- which gives the special effect of having a large amount of amp shot damage while the amp shot drain is 0.

This shield also grants immunity to corrode damage and isw made by Hyperion.

This shield comes in different flavors too -- like Inflammable the Bee -- which grants immunity to fire damage instead.

You can get this legendary amplifier shield from killing boss Hunter Hellquist. You have to complete the This Just In! quest before you can fight him. He is located in Arid Nexus Badlands.

You should use this shield with the best weapon in the game, a shot gun called Conference Call (check Borderlands 2: Best Gun in Game & Weapon Manufacturer Benefits). You can do massive damage with this shotgun and joined with the amp damage and the shotgun;s special effect, it does an amazing job destroying enemies and bosses.

Borderlands 2 Shield FAQ

The more direct answers / questions area of our Borderlands 2 shields guide!

Q: Is there a shield better than The Bee in Borderlands 2?
A: Just like with Conference Call, randomly generated shields CAN be better than The Bee, but they will not have the same special effect. The Bee is still regarded as the best shield in Borderlands 2.

Q: Does Dr. Zed's vending machines ever have good shields?
A: Though it is rare, the item of the day can sometimes be a GREAT shield. In fact, people have reported being able to buy THE BEE from the vending machine on numerous occasions -- so keep checking (but don't get your hopes up).

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