Borderlands 2: Best Solo Class

Wondering what the Best Borderlands 2 Solo Class is?

Borderlands 2 Axton the Commando

Axton the Commando

It's an important thing to think about -- since you may not have partners to play in coop with.

So if you have no party members, then you need to keep in mind the following...

-- When in a party, your group members can revive you
-- When in a party, enemies scale to your level

So enemies aren't as powerful when you solo AND you also have nobody to bring you back to second winds are important!

Also keep in mind that EVERYONE has their own opinion so if you disagree, then please comment as to why and who you would choose.

Best Solo Class in Borderlands 2

So...Who to solo with? The class choice is easy.

Axton - The soldier, commander, commando! Why? Hit and run warefare!

His skill - Sabre Turret - makes life easy for a soloing.

The name of the game is this: deploy the turret and make it do the work for you.

There are many different class skill builds for this character. You can focus on bolstering your own defense for tanking or you can instead make your turret extra powerful. Depending on your class mod, then it'll give you even more power.

Axton Commando Solo Build

So what's a good solo build for Axton the commander?

We will focus on the Guerrilla skill tree for tier 6.

Guerrilla skill
5/5 Sentry
4/5 Ready
5/5 Laser sight
5/5 Willing
5/5 Onslaught
1/1 Scorched Earth
1/1 Double Up

Gunpowder skill
5/5 Impact
5/5 Metal Storm
5/5 Battlefront
1/1 Longbow Turret

Survival skill
3/5 Healthy

Awesome build. Not only does this make your commando way stronger, but it also allows for your turret to be a force to be wreckened with.

Pros of this build...

-- Fast turret blasts
-- Increased gun / melee damage
-- Increased health
-- You regenerate health while shields are full AND increased shield max capacity
-- Faster shield recharge rate, improved shield delay
-- Faster fire rate and recoil reduction after killing an enemy
-- Increased movement speed and gune damage after killing an enemy
-- Turret shoots rockets
-- Longbow skill for higher turret health and far away deployment
-- Increased damage, melee, grenade damage while turret is out
-- *Second gun on turret -- slag bullets*

And in Conclusion...

This build will make you slaughter people. You can shift a lot of the skills around though if you want to alter your turret's cooldown rate or even max health and shield.

Other classes have good solo builds too. Zer0 / Zero the Assassin, Salvador the Gunzerker, or Maya the Siren -- they all have good possible solo builds. Whether or not you think they are better at soloing though than Axton, is entirely up to you. Gaige the Mechromancer may even take this spot from Axton eventually. Only time will tell!

Please leave your opinions and suggestions in the comments below!

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