Borderlands 2: How to Get E-Tech Weapons & Best E-Tech Weapon

Borderlands 2 Basic Splatgun E-Tech

Basic Splatgun

In Borderlands 2, there are rare E-Tech weapons that use alien Eridian technology on the gun barrels to make them shoot special bullets.

The E-Tech guns have a special, unique barrel and glow. Their attacks vary too from lasers to plasma / energy balls that are slow. The color type on these for the label rare scale is Magenta.

E-Tech Gun Names

There are special names for E-Tech guns that pertains to the type of gun it is. This is NOT the full name list -- and please note that the names listed here have even more variations than seen (which varies even more depending on how rare the E-Tech gun is).

Assault Rifles: BIASSter, Blaster
Pistols: Dart, Dubble Spiker
Rocket Launchers: Launcher, PBFG, PRAZMA CANON, Topneaa
Shotgun: Blashter, Splatgun
Submachine Gun (SMG): Plasma Caster
Sniper Rifle: Hybridfication, Moloko, Railer

How to Get E-Tech Weapons

You can find these weapons in many ways.
-- You can get an E-Tech weapon from Dr. Zed's quest / mission: "Medical Mystery" from killing Doc Mercy
-- Using gold keys, you can get E-Tech weapons -- so if you have a lot of keys, then you can farm E-Tech weapons (check Borderlands 2: How to get All Golden Keys (Cheat)) for good loot / treasure
-- Bosses can drop E-Tech guns so farm them! Check out Borderlands 2: How to Kill Terramorphous the Invincible AND also check Borderlands 2: Vermivorous The Invincible - harder than Terramorphous the Invincible for two good bosses to kill for amazing E-Tech loot, though you can actually fight ANY boss.
-- You can find E-Tech in standard treasure chests sometimes
-- Normal enemies sometimes drop E-Tech too

Best E-Tech Weapon

It's hard to choose what the best Eridium Tech Gun is.

And unfortunately, there is no E-Tech gun that is specifically better than the rest.

The Predacious PBFG is extremely powerful. Yet depending on your luck, you can find one hell of a shotgun too (such as the E-Tech Basic Splatgun).

Borderlands 2 E-Tech FAQ

Here's a little question and answer section for you guys for the more specific information you may be wondering about.

Q: Do I have to kill a special enemy to get E-Tech gear?
A: No. You can fight ANY enemy (mostly) and you will have a chance to find an E-Tech weapon. However, the harder the enemy, the higher the chance -- and thus bosses are recommended.

Q: Are E-Tech weapons rarer than Legendary weapons?
A: Legendary weapons CAN be E-Tech so it has no baring. However, Legendary weapons are more rare than just E-Tech weapons.

Q: Are E-Tech weapons stronger or better than rare, epic, or legendary weapons?
A: Usually -- no. A lot of E-Tech weapons aren't as strong as their counterparts -- but that's not always the case. You CAN find E-Tech weapons that are stronger.

Q: Are there E-Tech - Seraph guns?
A: As far as we are aware -- no.

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