Borderlands 2 Mod: Increase Difficulty, Better Loot

Is Borderlands 2 too easy for you? Even during Playthrough 2 / Playthrough 2.5 (vault hunter mode) is it just not challenging?

Then this Borderlands 2 mod / Borderlands 2 hack is for you!

It basically emulates you being in a part of 2, 3, or even 4 so that all of the enemies scale in difficulty, which also lets you get better loot, drops, and treasure chests! Check the video below for a guide / tutorial on using the mod / trainer.

Best Borderlands 2 Mod

It works with the latest patches and DLC's, and you can use this when playing co-op with friends in a real party too to fill in the missing player slot with a fake one. When enemy difficulty scales, so does the loot qualtiy! So you can get better loot and hopefully find some nice rare, epic, or legendary weapons / guns, shields, class mods, grenade mods, and artifact / relics.

Get it from Here. More information on this mod can be found at: Borderlands 2 Mod: Increase Enemy Difficulty

Note that this is for the Windows PC version / Steam version -- so if you have Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (PS3) then this won't work for you.

Anyway, as mentioned, this is a good way on how to get better loot in Borderlands 2.

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