Borderlands 2 - New Character Class: KRIEG the Psycho

The newest Vault Hunter to be released for Borderlands 2? KRIEG the Psycho (obtained via a purchasable DLC)!

His action skill has been given the name of Buzz Axe and he's geared towards throwing attacks and melee based combat.

Something neat about him is that every single time he kills someone, his health / hp is replenished.

Something even more unique? In Fight For Your Life (FFYL) mode, you throw sticks of dynamite / TNT at enemies! That sounds VERY cool and VERY powerful.

The release date is in May. So be patient! That's next month, guys!

It has been revealed that the three skill trees he has are as follows...
Bloodlust skill tree - Similar to Gaige the Mechromancer, you will accumulate stacks. The higher the stacks, the higher damage output / DPS you produce. I'm not a fan of this type of skill, personally.

Mania skill tree - Apparently, this tree lets you boost your melee attacks. From the sound of it, you do more damage when you are hurt (and your teammates can hurt you to boost your damage) so it may be worth doing this tree if you play coop with anyone or are in a big party where you can have assistance.

Hellborn skill tree - All I know is that this gives you a lot of elemental abilities (such as lighting enemies on fire, electrocuting them, causing corrosion, etc).

This character costs $10 to get on PC (Steam / Origin), Xbox, and PlayStation 3 (PS3).

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