Borderlands 2 - New DLC Causing Lag / Stuttering

Borderlands 2 IconMany people have been experiencing this new glitch / error / bug after upgrading their Borderlands 2 with the latest patches and DLC' (such as Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty).

When playing, your frame rate will drop significantly from the most random of things -- such as Catch a Ride, Vending Machines, and menus in general. Certain areas in the game will cause additional lagging too.

Unfortunately, there is no patch yet to solve this (as of the time of this post). Just know it is a common problem and that Gearbox is aware of it (their forums are littered with posts).

So if your Borderlands 2 is laggy or has stuttering or anything, then know that a patch will be on the way to fix this! And it isn't Windows related or Steam related.

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