Borderlands 2: New Patch v1.1.3 - How to Get Lots of BadAss Points Fast

Borderlands 2 PatchA new patch for Borderlands 2 is now out! It fixes some bugs and adds some new features. Checkout the changelog for all the details. Download the Borderlands 2 v1.1.3 patch now! This includes Steam users.

Update v1.1.3 (Released 10/25/2012)
- Added a toggle for whether textures should fade or pop in when a higher-resolution version loads. High-end computers can disable this to avoid seeing lower-resolution textures streaming in.
- Added the ability to reset all challenge progress for a character once they've completed 85% of all non-DLC, non-area-specific challenge levels. This will keep the player's current challenge bonuses and rank, but reset all challenge progress to 0 and allow challenges to be re-completed for additional ranks and bonuses. Resetting is available on the "challenges" screen of the status menu and will display as a tooltip at the bottom of the screen if the player has met the criteria.
- Fixed a bug where profile files set to "read only" were not being saved.
- Fixed a performance issue in Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty content with PhysX set to Medium or High.

How to Get Badass Points Fast

Note the challenge progress reset ability in the patch changelog above? Very useful! You can reset badass points every time you reach 85% completed. Cool stuff! This lets you get massive amounts of badass points now!
-- Get to 85% completed and reset right away
-- Kill with all weapons
-- Kill with all elements

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