Borderlands 2: The Best Sniper Rifles in the Game

I stumbled across a great video today that compared the best Borderlands 2 Sniper Rifles to one another.

It showed them against the firing dummy, as well as in live action -- which was particularly nice, since the best weapon against the enemies at the firing range may not be the best in live combat.

The sniper rifle variants:

1) Moloko Sniper Rifle 2) Railer Sniper Rifle
3) White Death Sniper Rifle 4) Muckamucks Sniper Rifle
5) Calipeens Sniper Rifle 6) Elephant Gun Sniper Rifle
7) Skullmasher Sniper Rifle 8) Longbow Sniper Rifle
9) Sloth Sniper Rifle 10) Volcano Sniper Rifle
11) Invader Sniper Rifle 12) Trespasser Sniper Rifle
13) Buffalo Sniper Rifle 14) Cobra Sniper Rifle
15) Hawkeye Sniper Rifle 16) Pimpernel Sniper Rifle

Some of these used burst fire, some of them were elemental (i.e. fire, explosive, corrosive, electrocutive).

Kudos to him for this great video. By the way, he makes use of Zer0 / Zero the Assassin's skill tree for sniping, badass points, and does testing WITH and WITHOUT The Bee shield. This is WITH the patch that nerfs The Bee too. Sloth was pretty much his favorite it seemed, though he warns that it isn't meant for faster enemies and that a fire sloth against a fire resistant enemy does not necessary hold up well.

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  • By Ichthyic, March 2, 2015 @ 1:59 am

    not bad, but I can't believe he couldn't figure out how the pimpernel actually works.

    it is NOT a headshot rifle. you want the initial shot to be at a spot where the five projectiles IT generates are going to hit the critical spot.

    for a humanoid (like the test dummy), you need to aim at the belt (OW MY BALLS!). not kidding. aim at the belt area, and those 5 ultra high crit projectiles will then hit its head, doing more damage by far than any other sniper rifle in the game.

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