Dark Souls 2 - Out for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC (Soon)

Dark Souls IIAre you a fan of Dark Souls? Well, Dark Souls 2 just came out the other day and it's already flying off the shelves, having received amazing reviews (such as a 9/10 from Gamespot).

And it's well-deserved. You can tell how much time and thought was put into the game, and rightfully so, as the game warrants such.

It boasts its typical mysterious environments, larger-than-life monsters, and difficult combat, while also addressing some of the issues people had with the original.

The console versions are out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3). At a later date, the PC version will be released as well. If it's anything like the original Dark Souls for the PC, then expect community support to become available to help improve the frame rate (FPS) and/or graphics.

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