Dark Souls: Best Divine Weapon for Strength & Dexterity Builds

Dark Souls: Best Divine Weapon

Dark Souls: Best Divine Weapon

Divine weapons and strength or dex builds...don't mix too well. This is because when you upgrade a weapon to be divine, it loses some of the scaling / paramnbonus benefits. So unless you are attempting a faith or a hybrid build, you won't want a divine weapon for anything except for killing regenerating skeletons in the Catacombs. That's what we are focusing on. Killing those sweet, sweet skeletons in that beautiful Catacombs level (and the necromancers, of course).

Firstly, do NOT make your primary weapon a Divine weapon. You will want to use an alternate weapon instead -- something that is pretty good, but does not cut it as your primary weapon. OR, you can go with a weapon that already sports the divine ability.

Possibly the BEST weapons to use without needing to modify anything at all is..

Silver Knight Spear -- It is a very long weapon, and has a modifier of E / C for Strength and Dex. It DOES kill skeletons for good without requiring faith and even though it has no Holy status bonus modifier. Get it from Silver Knights located in Anor Londo. It's the best idea.

If you don't mind having to do a modification to a weapon, then consider...

Occult Club -- This is normally, as implied by the title, an occult weapon. This means it can be reverted / downgraded to a +5 divine weapon -- making it powerful against the skeletons and an easy way to get a full-fledged divine weapon! It's located in Anor Londo by the Havel armor set.

If you have a lot of strength and perhaps are doing a strength + faith hybrid build, then check out...

Grant - This great hammer has B scaling for strength and A scaling for faith! It requires 34 strength to use when two handing it. Not the best weapon of course, but the scaling is nice.

If you don't mind having a bit of faith, then you can use the following weapon below (note though: it is weak sauce)

Astoria Straight Sword -- If you have this, it doesn't require too much faith to use and can be found early in the game at Valley of the Drakes using the Master Key. As it does require a bit of faith, it is a small recommendation. It is also pretty weak -- but so are the skeletons you must kill.

Anyway, hopefully that helps you in your Dark Souls divine expedition of the Catacombs!

Good luck in the game! And hopefully patches make the Divine weapons more worth doing for other builds.

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