Dark Souls: Best Game Controller

Dark Souls: Best Game Controller

Best Controller for Dark Souls

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition should be played with a gamepad when playing the computer version! Obviously, some people prefer the old mouse and keyboard for this game still, and that's fine (won't bother debating with you). For others, you may be more comfortable with a controller.

For me (and note that I do most of my gaming WITH a mouse and keyboard), I prefer this game with an actual USB controller (wired or wireless).

It gives a better feeling of gameplay for me and the game itself was obviously intended to be used with one.

Moving on -- there are many other good gamepads for this game! Check our list below (and if you own a console already, you may be in luck).

(Note: Most users use controllers in conjunction with the MotionJoy / MotioninJoy or x360ce driver / software to make it work properly, so check out our guide: Dark Souls: Fix Xbox 360,PS3, & Other Controllers). Anyway, let's continue!

Best Gamepad for Dark Souls

-- Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Controller
-- Microsoft Xbox 360 controller
-- Logitech Rumblepad 2
-- X360 Razer Onza Tournament Edition
-- Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV PC Controller
-- Logitech Gamepad F310 OR Gamepad F710
-- Kinobo USB Gamepad

Personally, I'd go with the PS3 or Xbox controller, but not everyone may agree.

Note that many people would rather use a wired controller for this since they'll feel that there could be some sort of input lag from the controller to your Windows PC. That's just an excuse for most people though who want one for when they die a horrible, horrible death in this game 😉

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