Dark Souls: Best Shield

Dark Souls: Best Shield

Dark Souls: Best Shield in Game

In Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (which includes Artorias of the Abyss), you will encounter many different shields. Some are great shields that cannot parry, but can ram people. Others are normal, light weight small shields that can parry. Some shields are also enchanted and/or boast special traits such as increased resistance towards poison / toxic / bleed, fire / flame (such as from dragons or pyromancy), magic / sorcery (such as from bosses or pvp / pve), lightning elemental, increased stamina regeneration (regen), HP / health regeneration, or have abilities that allow you to hurt enemies more so with a shield bash (such as a spiked shield or the pierce shield from Siegmeyer of Catarina).

Many people want a shield with HIGH stability and defense, even if it isn't a light shield or medium weight shield instead of a heavy shield / large shield. And that's fine for a strength build or hybrid build that uses dexterity / dex (quality build), faith, or intelligence. After all, even if you constantly are trying to dodge the enemy, you WILL eventually be hit, and that's what the shield is for -- dealing with the impact in combination with poise.

So what's the best shield in the Dark Souls game world? There are a handful that are the "best" which have either the highest resistance, best defence / defense, poise, etc.

Best Shield in Dark Souls

Greatshield of Artorias - It is agreed upon most that this shield is the best in the whole game. It weighs less than the Havel shield and has the highest stability in the game. It can also be upgraded to +5 if you so wish to do so. This shield protects from many status effects and also only requires a meer 34 strength in comparison to Havel's shield, which requires a ridiculous strength requirement of 50 stat points. Get it by upgrading a +10 shield with Soul of Sift.

Black Iron Greatshield - It's easy to obtain, very upgradeable, and has solid stats and a very high poise rating after being upgraded all the way. This shield has nice fire resistance too. Highly recommended, especially seeing as how the weight is far less than that of the Havel shield and the strength requirement is reasonable. Not that I am an amazing Dark Souls player or anything, but I use this (just FYI).

Cleansing Greatshield - If you have the additional content / downloadable content (DLC) Artorias of the Abyss, then this shield is available to you if you save Sif the Great Grey Wolf in the Chasm of Abyss. This shield is pretty awesome. It not only has high stability (like most great shields), but a requirement of only 31 strength, a weight of only 14.5, and amazing resistance towards everything. It is a shield you can use in any situation.

Some worthy mentions depending on the situation you are in, are...

Good Dark Souls Shields

Havel's Greatshield - It's annoyingly heavy and has a high strength requirement. But it does have good stats and a special r2/r1 that gives you higher poise. If you don't mind that negatives of this shield, then it works well.

Bloodshield - Increased Bleed, Curse, and Poison / Toxin resistance

Dragon Crest Shield - Medium weight shield that resists fire well

Crest Shield - Good magic defense

Gargoyle Shield - Good lightning defense

Grass Crest Shield - Increases stamina regeneration (regen) by a whopping 50%!

Sanctus - Regenerates 2 health points (HP) every 2 seconds. This is useful if you have no Estus Flasks and don't mind being idle for awhile when waiting for your health bar to replenish. So great for healing -- especially when you have low stamina. If you are a phantom summoned by someone or a dark phantom invading someone, then this shield can also help you heal if you chose to run away (and are lacking humanity or twin humanity to heal yourself).

Spider Shield - Another good anti-poison shield

Crystal Ring Shield - This shield use to be good. With patches though, it became less powerful. It has a special attack that lets you throw a ring of light at the enemy for around 150 damage (depending on how much you have upgraded it). Otherwise, it's not very useful. It requires the Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly.

Giant Shield - Easily obtainable via Anor Londo's Giant Blacksmith or through Sentinels. It has a weight of 18 though and requires 36 strength. The stats aren't bad though.

And there you have it! Note that some of these shields can be upgraded with Fire, Divine, Magic, Lightning, and Crystal or Basic upgrade methods using Titanite. The choices are up to you though.

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