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How to fix Dark Souls corrupt save

With the epic game Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition out on PC / Steam (it was only out on console before -- Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 [PS3]) -- you may be pulling out your hair from two things: how hard the game is, and...

When playing the game, you may have encountered one of the most frustrating errors of all time...a [b]Failed to Load Save Data[/b] error

Scary, isn't it? A tip is to exit Dark Souls and reopen it. Do NOT let it attempt to repair itself. If you do, then backup your corrupted data first.

To help prevent this error, make sure to exit the game through the MENU. Beware of crashes, as your saved data can get corrupted easily from that.

It may be too late for you if that doesn't help (and it likely didn't). And if so, you should use the following to make automated backups of your saved data from here: Saved Data Backup

You can recover your Dark Souls saved data this way if any problems happen.

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