Dark Souls: Fix Xbox 360,PS3, & Other Controllers

Dark Souls: Fix Controller

Dark Souls: Fix Controller

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is a game that is meant to be played with a controller.

While a mouse and keyboard works for most people, many will appreciate the simplicity and setup of using a controller instead.

Because of this, when trying to play the game on a Windows PC, those with a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (PS3) will try using their controllers for this game.

And while for some people the gamepads will work right away with Dark Souls, it may not be the case for others.

If you are in category of "my controller is being dumb and not working" -- then continue reading for help!

Keep in mind that even though I mostly talk about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers for this game, the methods provided here work for ALL controllers. Rumblepad 2, X360 Razr Onza Tournament Edition, etc.

How to Use Xbox 360 / PS3 Game Controller for Dark Souls

Okay. So there are two different drivers / softwares for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controller emulation that I'm going to recommend. Try one, then the other (assuming that the first one doesn't help you). They both work for EITHER controller so don't worry about the name.

Dark Souls With MotioninJoy
1) Download and install MotioninJoy
2) Start MotioninJoy, go to the drivers tab to select your controller and install the driver
3) Go to the profiles tab, then select Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

It should now work for you. If it doesn't, try the below method.

Dark Souls with x360ce
1) Download and install x360ce (including the DRIVERS)
2) Copy c360ce.exe into your Dark Souls DATA folder where the darksouls.exe is located
3) Open the c360ce.exe and once done configuring, try the game out. If it doesn't work, then continue below
4) Copy the included DLL files into the directory with the EXE: xinput1_1.dll, xinput1_2.dll, and xinput1_3.dll

Still not working? Then god hates you! Just kdding! (I think)

Dark Souls Fix Controller

-- Some people have more luck when they plug their controller in AFTER the game is opened (oddly enough)
-- Sometimes unplugging unnecessary USB items can help too by the way
-- Try restarting your computer (AFTER installing one of the above applications + their drivers) then try
-- Uninstall possible offending gamepad drivers
-- Try the game AND/OR the MotionJoy / x360ce in ADMIN / Administrator mode (you shouldn't have to, but give it a shot)
-- You may have conflicting drivers. Go to START -> RUN -> devmgmt.msc -- then locate your Controller, find the driver, and uninstall it. Now unplug the controller, restart your computer, plug it back in, then try the game. If it isn't working, then attempt using MotioninJoy or x360ce again.

These should two methods should do it for you. There is no fix / hotfix or patch required.

Note that you should also make sure to map / remap your controller to what you feel comfortable with if the default settings aren't good for you. Though the traditional buttons are great as-is for the game.

Dark Souls Lags With Controller

This is called micro-stuttering. And no, it isn't your fault! It is the fault of the drivers you are using with either your controller or keyboard & mouse. To fix this, you must disable or uninstall these drivers and, if necessary, install an alternative driver (such as what's included with MotioninJoy or x360ce). Swapping controllers may not fix the problem, as the driver could attempt to use the new controller in some cases as well. Check out what's being used by going to START -> Run -- type in devmgmt.msc -- you can disable / enable / uninstall drivers from here too.

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