Dark Souls: How to Fix Falling Through Floor

Dark Souls: Fix Falling Through Floor

Dark Souls: Falling Through Floor Edition!

You open Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. You load your character. You fall through the ground or floor. You die. DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNNN!

It is a vicious cycle that has been occurring for some people ever since they have upgraded to the newest Dark Souls patch.

It repeats. And they die: a horrible, horrible death over and over again. Even in their backup saved data this happens to them.

We have a solution for you that may in fact help solve this annoying glitch / bug or collision detection problem...for some of you.

It's pretty annoying considering it either happens every time you load the game OR randomly throughout it -- like when sliding down a ladder, going through a fog gate to fight the boss, or just running around (such as in Firelink Shrine).

First things first -- make a backup of your saved data. Now continue below.

Solve: Dark Souls - Falling Through Floor

Did you install the DSFix to improve your game graphics? Then you need to do several things.

Load the fix and DISABLE / Deactivate the frames per second (FPS) lock. This can be done via opening the dsfix.ini and changing unlockFPS 1 ro unlockFPS 0 -- or through the DSFix itself.

Still not working? Set everything as it normally should be via DSFix, then disable the DSFix COMPLETELY (put it in a folder somewhere -- dont delete it). This includes getting rid of the d3d9.dll (move it out of the folder or rename it to something else usch as d3d9.dllkaka). For most people, this will have now helped you fixed your game.

Still not working? Backup your game saved data, then force the game to close really fast while you fall (if you used DSFix, then disable FPS unlock first).

Still not working? Get the newest DSFix and fiddle with the settings there as well. Try setting your FPS lockt to 30 or below (i.e. 25).

STILL not working? Reportedly, enabling VSYNC through DSFix is able to help some people bypass this issue. Give it a shot!

Oddly enough, some people report that their characters look weird too -- such as odd textures with weird coloring.

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  • By belieber, December 29, 2012 @ 10:48 am

    and then i saw his faceeeeeeeee, now i'm a belieber!!!!!!!

  • By Rabbit, October 4, 2013 @ 6:47 pm

    Lowering the FPS lock fixed the problem for me from what I can tell. Thanks!

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