Dark Souls: How to Heal Phantoms, Yourself, and NPC's

Dark Souls: Heal Phantoms

Heal as Black Phantom

There are several ways to recover health as a phantom / dark phantom. So if you are in a party / co-op situation to kill a boss or are facing enemies (perhaps summoned via the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring or the Cat Covenant Ring), then you are in luck!

Knowing these tricks & tips can help keep you alive in both PVP, Solo playing, and PvE. It will help you conserve Estus Flasks as well as protect your allies -- computer and real.

1) The person who summoned you (if there is one) can heal you via using an estus flask.

2) Use a normal healing miracle spell (requires some faith). You can heal yourself as a phantom this way, but not others. Heal, Great Heal, Great Heal Excerpt, and Replenishment all work.

3) Joining the Princess's Guard covenant allows you to use TWO special healing spells that work on healing you, phantom allies, and phantom NPC's. Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight.

4) One good way to keep your health up when you yourself are a phantom is to use the Ring of the Evil Eye. This allows you to kill monsters and gain a little bit of life each time they die (30 HP). This solution is good for PvE, but not so much for PVP unless you are able to murder several summons successfully. When using this method, I use it throughout the level to keep my health up, but then unequip it when it's time to fight the boss, as it won't be any good there unless the boss has minions. It works wonders in situations involving regenerating skeletons though like in the boss fight against Gravelord Nito.
5) Use the Butcher Knife. It gives 5 HP per hit.

5B) Use the Server. It gives you 7 HP per hit instead.

6) Equip the Sanctus shield. Even if you don't have enough faith to use it properly, it STILL heals you. It's VERY slow though...2 HP every 2 seconds. You can two hand a weapon with this on your back to help a bit OR go to the bathroom while it heals you!

7) Consume humanity! This includes twin humanities. They recover health AND give you humanity, not to mention they can be used in phantom form on yourself.

Dark Souls FAQ Guide

Q: Can you heal NPC Phantom summons like Soltaire?
Yes. Use the miracles from the Princess Guard: Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight.

Q: Do I have to be apart of the Princess's Guard covenant to use Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight?
Unfortunately, yes. You will be able to keep these spells, but you cannot cast them unless you are in the covenant.

Q: How do I get the Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight miracles?
It is located in The Duke's Archives. You must kill a non-aggressive pisaca monster to get it (get captured, then go all the way to the bottom floor -- they're near where Big Hat Logan's cell is).

Q: Can you heal online summoned Phantoms / normal players?
Yes. Using your Estus Flask is the easiest way. When you heal, it also heals them.

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