Dark Souls: How to See in Tomb of the Giants

Dark Souls

Dark souls

This level...sucks. It is perhaps as annoying as the ghost one ~ the New Londo ruins. This is largely in-part by the pitch black darkness. You can do a couple of things to see despite this though. And luckily, the level is pretty short and not too hard over all.

With this help article, we will get straight to the point. There are 4 ways to see in this darkness!

-- Equip the Skull Lantern as a shield and use it to brighten things up. This is obtained via necromancers.
-- Cast the sorcery / spell / magic called Light
-- Use the Sunlight Maggot helmet
-- Turn up the brightness of your TV..A LOT

Obviously option 4 is a bit cheap in this game, but you can do it!

While the level is pretty easy over all, I'd suggest turning human and summoning help so that you can quickly finish it. Note that there ARE some good items here -- such as the Large Divine Ember and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Get those!

All I have to say is -- GG / Good Game!

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