Dark Souls: Kill Four Kings Easily Fast

Dark Souls: Beat Four Kings Easily

How to Beat Four Kings Easily

Perhaps one of the most annoying boss battles in Dark Souls is the boss battle against the Four Kings.

Why? Because...
-- You have to use a special ring to fight them: Covenant of Artorias ring (you will instantly die without it)
-- People you summon for help forget to equip the ring & die
-- The i4 Kings keep spawning if you don't kill them quick enough
-- The fight area is big and it can be hard to judge distance
-- The boss can steal Humanity
-- They smell bad

If you want to melee the boss and have low vitality / health (HP), then make sure to roll when he takes his swings to avoid being damaged.

HOWEVER, if you are lazy and have lots of life, then you don't even have to do that.

You can sit there and take the damage. The tactic?

1) Equip Grass Crest Shield
2) Equip a strong weapon and two hand it
3) Equip strong armor (such as Havel armor)
4) Keep hitting non-stop and then heal as necessary
5) OPTIONALLY, you can also cast the Power Within Pyromancy spell for increased damage

A good way to destroy the boss is through Pyromancy. Specifically, using Great Combustion. You can spam this over and over again and murder the Four Kings fast. In NG+, this is evne more true if you have 2 copies of Great Combustion.

You can also use IRON FLESH to help tank, but will lose mobility of course.

Additionally, if you have sorcery skills, then you can use great magic shield, souls spear, and similar spells. Magic shield is particularly useful.

Note that, although I've personally never done it, you can summon Phantom Witch Beatrice for this battle (if you already used her during the Moonlight Butterfly boss fight).

Hopefully our FAQ / Guide helped!

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  • By Tony84084, July 22, 2013 @ 8:49 am

    they become more anoying in NG+ but i mastered how to kill them already stay close where their blade can t hit u but their hilt will and it will do terrible damage

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