Dark Souls: Turn Big Hat Logan Hollow

Dark Souls: Big Hat Logan Hollow

Big Hat Logan: The Anus

Unfortunately, Big Hate Logan turns hollow once certain conditions are met.

You must...

(A) Beat the boss: Seath The Scaleless
(B) Buy everything you from him after freeing him from The Duke's Archives (this is the SECOND time you free him from jail / a cage -- not to be confused with Sen's Fortess). You must buy magic you already own too if he's selling it.

He will then turn mean immediately after you purchase everything and have spoken to him. Exit the game, then reopen it and he will be gone.

You'll find him in the room where you lost to Seath the during your first boss encounter wit him.

Be prepared to kill this friendly sorcerer. Doing so will do a couple of things for you..

1) Give you a Big Hat
2) Give you the White Dragon Breath sorcery
3) Give you the Tin Crystalization Catalyst
4) Make you depressed 😉

Goodbye, Logan. Your obsession with that annoying level was your downfall. I'd say that I'd miss you, but you refused to sell me magic at first since I had low intelligence. It hurt my feelings, bro.

Q: Is there any way to save Big Hat Logan?
Yes. Do NOT buy his magic. He wont go crazy from the knowledge / magic / crystal sorcery he learned in those books that way. If you kill him though, you can't revive him.

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