Dark Souls World Map

Since Dark Souls: Prepared to Die Edition came out pretty recently, I thought I'd go ahead and post a World Map of the game for everyone to see.

It does not actually have the places from the new DLC though -- Artorias of the Abyss.

Click on the below image to enlarge and save / download the map to keep it!

Dark Souls: World Map

Dark Souls: World Map

Dark Souls: Best Game Controller

Dark Souls: Best Game Controller

Best Controller for Dark Souls

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition should be played with a gamepad when playing the computer version! Obviously, some people prefer the old mouse and keyboard for this game still, and that's fine (won't bother debating with you). For others, you may be more comfortable with a controller.

For me (and note that I do most of my gaming WITH a mouse and keyboard), I prefer this game with an actual USB controller (wired or wireless).

It gives a better feeling of gameplay for me and the game itself was obviously intended to be used with one.

Moving on -- there are many other good gamepads for this game! Check our list below (and if you own a console already, you may be in luck).

(Note: Most users use controllers in conjunction with the MotionJoy / MotioninJoy or x360ce driver / software to make it work properly, so check out our guide: Dark Souls: Fix Xbox 360,PS3, & Other Controllers). Anyway, let's continue! Read more »

Dark Souls: Fix Xbox 360,PS3, & Other Controllers

Dark Souls: Fix Controller

Dark Souls: Fix Controller

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is a game that is meant to be played with a controller.

While a mouse and keyboard works for most people, many will appreciate the simplicity and setup of using a controller instead.

Because of this, when trying to play the game on a Windows PC, those with a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (PS3) will try using their controllers for this game.

And while for some people the gamepads will work right away with Dark Souls, it may not be the case for others.

If you are in category of "my controller is being dumb and not working" -- then continue reading for help!

Keep in mind that even though I mostly talk about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers for this game, the methods provided here work for ALL controllers. Rumblepad 2, X360 Razr Onza Tournament Edition, etc. Read more »

Dark Souls 2: Trailer Preview

Dark Souls fans all over the world were excited to see suring the Video Game Awards (VGA) 2012. Here's the preview video below.

I personally cannot wait! Having finished Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition recently, it was saddening to know that there's no immediate sequel available just yet.

This new game will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), and of course Windows PC (so Steam, Origin, etc). I expect Games for Windows Live (GFWL) to be used as well.

Obviously, you can take bits of information from the video if you'd like and try to guess what will be in the new game. I'm not going to sit here and waste my time (or yours) giving you my speculation. I do believe that the events within the video are out of order though, as is usually done in previews.

Dark Souls: How to Fix Falling Through Floor

Dark Souls: Fix Falling Through Floor

Dark Souls: Falling Through Floor Edition!

You open Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. You load your character. You fall through the ground or floor. You die. DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNNN!

It is a vicious cycle that has been occurring for some people ever since they have upgraded to the newest Dark Souls patch.

It repeats. And they die: a horrible, horrible death over and over again. Even in their backup saved data this happens to them.

We have a solution for you that may in fact help solve this annoying glitch / bug or collision detection problem...for some of you.

It's pretty annoying considering it either happens every time you load the game OR randomly throughout it -- like when sliding down a ladder, going through a fog gate to fight the boss, or just running around (such as in Firelink Shrine).

First things first -- make a backup of your saved data. Now continue below. Read more »

Dark Souls: Hacks, Cheats, and Trainers

Dark Souls: Hacks

Dark Souls Hacks

Get the game Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for PC from Steam, Origin, etc?

Do any PVP, get invaded, or summon another player for multiplayer help in the game?

You should be careful then. There are people out there who are hacking and unfortunately, this can cause issues for YOU in the game.

Be weary of any of the multiplayer people that you summon that download hacks or trainers.

Some of these people actually kill friendly game NPC's (even though they shouldn't be able to).

A prime example is at Anor Londo where killing the illusion of Princess of Sunlight Gwynevere -- turns all of Anor Londo dark -- and makes members of the Darkmoon Covenant attack you there, as well as a hostile fire keeper. This is a big game changer that the player should only be able to do themself!

How do you protect yourself from all of this?

Well, you have two options. Read more »

Dark Souls - How to Fix Lag

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Fix Lag

Prepare to Lag Edition!

The game Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for PC / Windows / Steam / Origin etc ...is CPU intensive and even taxes your graphics card a bit. For that reason, it's recommended that you use a good computer.

Now, even if you have a great machine, you'll likely encounter lag still because of how the game is designed & ported over from Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 (PS3). No worries. I am here to help (for a nominal fee of $5000 ;))

If you are experiencing lag, a low frame rate per second (FPS), stuttering / microstuttering, screen tearing, or just frame skipping, then check below. We shall optimize your game!

Solve Dark Souls Lag

I suggest trying the FIRST method listed here, as the success rate is very high for making your game performance increase.

1) Get the latest DSFix. Uncap the FPS and then set a custom cap to 30fps. This works wonders despite the fact you are capping the game back to 30. You should notice a big improvement.
2) Turn off blood (particle) and lower your resolution
3) Disable Anti-Aliasing (AA)
4) Try Windowed Mode instead of Full Screen
5) Install the latest NVIDIA or ATI or Intel drivers (these provide bug & glitch fixes, as well as improve framerate)
6) The newest Dark Souls patch also helps improve the fps (plus fixes the stereo downmix)
7) Close / exit all unnecessary programs and services
8) Don't connect online in the game for multiplayer (...this solution is awful, I would connect anyway)
9) Some TV's cause the appearance of lag / input lag if you don't put them in PC or Gaming mode - so put them in these modes! Works on both PC and Console versions!
10) Open ATI Catalyst Control Center (if you have an ATI card) and go to 3D Settings -> and disable Use application settings for everything, then move all sliders to the left. Be sure that VSYNC is also disabled!

And that's how you stop the Dark Souls game lag! So now you can enjoy playing Dark Souls in its full gaming bountifulness!

Note though that certain areas of the game are prone to lagging anyway (such as Blighttown).

Even with the game fixes, you may lag in SOME parts of the game regardless.

Dark Souls - Micro-Stuttering
Your lag may be something different altogether -- micro-stuttering. This can be caused by DRIVERS for your keyboard and mouse (Logitech is infamous for this). Additionally, if you plug in your game controller and start getting epic lag, then that's even more proof that it could be what's causing your problems. There's two things you can do here!
-- Disable / uninstall the drivers being used by your keyboard / mouse (if they are the offenders) or of your game controller (if it only happens when using a controller)
-- Use a different keyboard / mouse OR controller (but if it is the controller, then the same driver may attempt to use your controller here so the above may be necessary)

You can look at your devices & their driver info by going to Start -> Run -- devmgmt.msc -- This area lets you uninstall or disable/enable what's in-use.

Dark Souls: How to Heal Phantoms, Yourself, and NPC's

Dark Souls: Heal Phantoms

Heal as Black Phantom

There are several ways to recover health as a phantom / dark phantom. So if you are in a party / co-op situation to kill a boss or are facing enemies (perhaps summoned via the Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring or the Cat Covenant Ring), then you are in luck!

Knowing these tricks & tips can help keep you alive in both PVP, Solo playing, and PvE. It will help you conserve Estus Flasks as well as protect your allies -- computer and real.

1) The person who summoned you (if there is one) can heal you via using an estus flask.

2) Use a normal healing miracle spell (requires some faith). You can heal yourself as a phantom this way, but not others. Heal, Great Heal, Great Heal Excerpt, and Replenishment all work.

3) Joining the Princess's Guard covenant allows you to use TWO special healing spells that work on healing you, phantom allies, and phantom NPC's. Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight.

4) One good way to keep your health up when you yourself are a phantom is to use the Ring of the Evil Eye. This allows you to kill monsters and gain a little bit of life each time they die (30 HP). This solution is good for PvE, but not so much for PVP unless you are able to murder several summons successfully. When using this method, I use it throughout the level to keep my health up, but then unequip it when it's time to fight the boss, as it won't be any good there unless the boss has minions. It works wonders in situations involving regenerating skeletons though like in the boss fight against Gravelord Nito.
5) Use the Butcher Knife. It gives 5 HP per hit.

5B) Use the Server. It gives you 7 HP per hit instead.

6) Equip the Sanctus shield. Even if you don't have enough faith to use it properly, it STILL heals you. It's VERY slow though...2 HP every 2 seconds. You can two hand a weapon with this on your back to help a bit OR go to the bathroom while it heals you!

7) Consume humanity! This includes twin humanities. They recover health AND give you humanity, not to mention they can be used in phantom form on yourself.

Dark Souls FAQ Guide

Q: Can you heal NPC Phantom summons like Soltaire?
Yes. Use the miracles from the Princess Guard: Soothing Sunlight and Bountiful Sunlight.

Q: Do I have to be apart of the Princess's Guard covenant to use Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight?
Unfortunately, yes. You will be able to keep these spells, but you cannot cast them unless you are in the covenant.

Q: How do I get the Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight miracles?
It is located in The Duke's Archives. You must kill a non-aggressive pisaca monster to get it (get captured, then go all the way to the bottom floor -- they're near where Big Hat Logan's cell is).

Q: Can you heal online summoned Phantoms / normal players?
Yes. Using your Estus Flask is the easiest way. When you heal, it also heals them.

Dark Souls: Keep Souls / Humanity Against Seath the Scaleless

Dark Souls: Seath the Scaleless

Seath the "Sexy" Scaleless

Perhaps one of the most troubling parts of this game to some people, are that you are forced to lose a boss battle in the later part of the game.

You fight against Seath the Scaleless in the Duke's Archives and the first time you fight him, you can't win because he keeps regenerating life instantly.

What does that mean for you, young gamer?

Well, you will lose all your souls and humanity that you've collected up to that point...and will be unable to recover them.

Or at least, that's what most people believe.

The truth of the matter is, you can use a RING OF SACRIFICE to prevent this from happening!

Pretty obvious, right? No, not really. People often forget about the existence of this ring. It's perfect for situations like this.

Q: Can you defeat Seath the Scaleless in the first battle?
No. Like how short that answer is? You don't? How about this: nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You defeat him in your second battle. In the first battle, you must lose to move the story line along and get trapped in a jail cell.

Dark Souls: Turn Big Hat Logan Hollow

Dark Souls: Big Hat Logan Hollow

Big Hat Logan: The Anus

Unfortunately, Big Hate Logan turns hollow once certain conditions are met.

You must...

(A) Beat the boss: Seath The Scaleless
(B) Buy everything you from him after freeing him from The Duke's Archives (this is the SECOND time you free him from jail / a cage -- not to be confused with Sen's Fortess). You must buy magic you already own too if he's selling it.

He will then turn mean immediately after you purchase everything and have spoken to him. Exit the game, then reopen it and he will be gone.

You'll find him in the room where you lost to Seath the during your first boss encounter wit him.

Be prepared to kill this friendly sorcerer. Doing so will do a couple of things for you..

1) Give you a Big Hat
2) Give you the White Dragon Breath sorcery
3) Give you the Tin Crystalization Catalyst
4) Make you depressed 😉

Goodbye, Logan. Your obsession with that annoying level was your downfall. I'd say that I'd miss you, but you refused to sell me magic at first since I had low intelligence. It hurt my feelings, bro.

Q: Is there any way to save Big Hat Logan?
Yes. Do NOT buy his magic. He wont go crazy from the knowledge / magic / crystal sorcery he learned in those books that way. If you kill him though, you can't revive him.

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