Guide: How to Get Borderlands 2 to Run on Windows 8 ! (And Windows 7)

Borderlands 2 - PC

Borderlands 2

Edit: Fantastic news! A new Borderlands 2 Windows 8 fix is now available for patching your game! Check out Borderlands 2: Patch v1.1.3 - Windows 8 Fix!

There are MANY, many people who are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview as their primary OS / Operating System now.

This can range from people who are tired of Windows XP, hate Windows Vista, or simply wanted a change from Windows 7.

As such, you may not have two partitions created for a dual boot configuration (or if you do, you don't want to switch off of Windows 8).

So you may have noticed something annoying -- Borderlands 2 Won't Open on Windows 8!

It simply won't launch. You double click the EXE or try the launcher and nothing happens.

There's a Windows 8 Fix for it that's out, but that only works for version 1.0.0 and if you patch your game and get the new DLC's, then it just won't open and won't work. I will first address how to fix this problem on Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit).

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Borderlands 2: New DLC - Mister Torgues Campaign of Carnage

Borderlands 2 Mr Torques Campaign of Carnage


The newest downloadable content / DLC coming to Borderlands 2 -- Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.

It sounds similar to Moxxi's Underdome (with arenas and fighting in tournaments in so forth)...yet some people say that it also sounds like it could be RACING (Torgue vs Torque). This probably isn't the case though because TORGUE is a manufacturer of weapons on Borderlands 2 -- so you'll likely just be dealing with them in this DLC like you did with similar manufacturers in the past.

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Borderlands 2 - New DLC Causing Lag / Stuttering

Borderlands 2 IconMany people have been experiencing this new glitch / error / bug after upgrading their Borderlands 2 with the latest patches and DLC' (such as Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty).

When playing, your frame rate will drop significantly from the most random of things -- such as Catch a Ride, Vending Machines, and menus in general. Certain areas in the game will cause additional lagging too.

Unfortunately, there is no patch yet to solve this (as of the time of this post). Just know it is a common problem and that Gearbox is aware of it (their forums are littered with posts).

So if your Borderlands 2 is laggy or has stuttering or anything, then know that a patch will be on the way to fix this! And it isn't Windows related or Steam related.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Eridium Fast

In Borderlands 2, Eridium (not Iridium!) is a currency (similar to Seraph Crystals), that lets you purchase special upgrades for Ammo SDU (storage deck upgrade), thus allowing you to hold a larger ammo capacity for each gun type you choose.

There are other upgrades too: bank slots, backpack slots, max grenades, etc.

These upgrades are useful and the only way to get them is through the Black Market in Sanctuary using Eridium.

So how to you get Eridium fast in Borderlands 2? Check out the video below for a great tip on how to farm Eridium.

Basically, there are 21 different chests in Sanctuary that are capable of giving you Eridium. You open all of these chests (possible to do in 80 or so seconds), exit the game, reload the game, and then do it again! It's possible because all the chests keep coming back.

Enjoy the tip / secret and have fun farming Eridium on Borderlands 2! Keep in mind that this isn't a cheat or hack or mod or anything. The treasure spawns back normally.

Note that this works on all versions of the game no matter what patch you have -- including console copies: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3); and obviously Windows PC.

Borderlands 2: How to Farm Seraph Crystals Fast

Borderlands 2 Seraph Crystals

Seraph Crystals

If you beat Playthrough 1 and Playthrough 2 of Borderlands plus the new DLC Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, then you may be thinking about getting seraph crystals (a new currency like Eridium) through the quests by Shade. There's a couple of ways to harvest Seraph Crystals. You can fight the bosses Hyperius the Invincible or Master Gee the Invincible to get Seraph Crystals. Normally you can only fight them once every 24 hours, which is enforced to make it so you can't keep killing these bosses over and over again.

But you can cheat to get passed that with a nice trick! Change the date! It's that simple. Make yourself 24 hours ahead. This works on consoles and PC. You can likely get a trainer to hack your saved data or game, but I wouldn't. There may be a patch soon that will fix this.

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Borderlands 2: Best Build for Mechromancer

Borderlands 2: Gaige the Mechromancer

Gaige the Mechromancer

This has been perhaps one of the most difficult builds to settle upon: The Best Solo Build for Mechromancer

Why? Because the Mechromancer class just has so many great skills that you have to neglect points in a couple of spots in order to reach others. Gaige just has so much flexibility after all.

This build can easily be modified depending on your personal preference. And remember that using class mods can help you fill in the gaps left behind in some areas.

I'd like to mention that this build still provides high damage per second (DPS). It doesn't have all the elemental damage perks from the Little Big Trouble skill tree. Additionally, this build still gives power ups to your sidekick Deathtrap so that you two can duo well. Since this is an Anarchy build, a lot of points were put into the "CLOSE ENOUGH" skill to help counter the reduced accuracy. This will help you take potshots and actually hit enemies still, as well as make it easier to come back from FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE -- so you don't have to worry as much about dying now. To further enforce the great solo abilities of Gaige the Mechromancer, 1 point was put into BLOOD SOAKED SHIELDS so that you can utilize your shields for more protection.

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New - Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty

Borderlands 2 :Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates BootyA new DLC for Borderlands 2 is coming called Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. It adds not only more missions, but also a new form of currency called seraph crystals.

This new currency allows you to purchase special seraph weapons that vary in rarity like traditional weapons.

When is it going to be released? The date is October 16th, 2012!

Known features that this expansion will bring to the game:

-- Seraph Crystals (new currency)
-- New weapons / guns, shields, class mods, grenade mods, artifacts / relics
-- Oasis location
-- New Vehicle called Sand-skiff
-- Giant Sand Worm Monsters

It will cost $9.99. Get it from the usual places -- Xbox 360 Live Marketplace (XBL / XBLM) or the PlayStation 3 (PS3) Network / PSN. It *SHOULD* also increase the level cap of the game, as was done traditionally in the past -- possibly bringing the level cap to level 60 or level 55 or something like that.

Fix: Borderlands 2, FEAR, etc - Lagging Logitech Mouse / Keyboard

Device Manager

Device Manager

If you have a Logitech Mouse, Logitech Keyboard, or both -- then you may experience a ridiculous amount of lag for some games you play. This makes the game stutter, skip frames, and laggy. What's worse is that it isn't just Borderlands 2 that lags. It's other games too -- such as F.E.A.R (FEAR / First Encounter Assault Recon) and many others (such as Borderlands 2 as mentioned).

This doesn't happen on all operating systems. It happens on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It can be 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64). Note that it does NOT happen on Windows XP or Windows 2000.

This really is a shame since Logitech makes fantastic accessories so it's too bad their drivers are causing issues. Want some good news though? It is easy to fix!

Fix Borderlands 2 Lagging / Stuttering

1) Load Device Manager through Start -> Run -- devmgmt.msc
2) Locate the listings Human Interface Devices and disable ALL that say HID-compliant device
3) Try the game! Still not working? Move to step 4.
4) If you have "HID-compliant consumer control device" listed, then disable that too.
5) Still not working? Restart the computer and try running the game again.

If that STILL didn't work for you, then be sure to enable all the disabled listings.

Hopefully it DID work for you! Good luck!

Borderlands 2 - Fastest Way to Level up

Want to lvl up fast in Borderlands 2? You came to the right place.

We can help give you some great tips and methods on getting lots of exp to level up quickly for Borderlands 2! It's not some sort of hidden secret -- you will know most of these already, but you may learn a couple of good tips too. And if you have any suggestions of your own -- please share them below!

Borderlands 2 - Moxxis Endowment

Moxxis Endowment

Here are our suggestions on how to get experience fast and for leveling fast.

How to Level Quickly in Borderlands 2

Moxxi's Endowment: This artifact / relic increases the amount of experienced gained by killing enemies. The percentage can vary, but 5% is common. Get this artifact as a reward from Mordecai in the mission Mordy's Secret Stashes. Location: Wildlife Exploitation Preserv

Fight Bosses: During boss battles, you can get a lot of cash AND good loot. As we know, gear translates into money when you sell it at the vending machines. Bosses drop rare loot that is worth more than normal loot. Fight Terramorphous the Invincible for extra money, exp, and rare / legendary / epic weapons, shield, class mods, grenade mods, and artifacts / relics.

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How to FIX - Borderlands 2: Corrupt File Error (Downloadable Content)

Borderlands 2 Cast

Borderlands 2 Cast

After the update Borderlands 2 patch for Gaige the Mechromancer became available, an error has been occurring.

"Corrupt File - Some of your downloadable content is corrupt and can not be loaded."

So if you preordered the game or just got the DLC, then don't worry -- we can help you fix this error. I will post a couple of methods on how to fix this. Keep in mind that some are for the Steam copy of the game and some are for the CD / DVD copy (which can work on the Steam or Origin copy as well).

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